Thursday, February 24, 2011

1920's Flair!

Yesterday I discussed one of my new favorite vintage stores, Unique-Vintage.
One designer they carry, as well as Neiman Marcus and other high-end stores, is Sue Wong.
Sue Wong, in my opinion, is simply brilliant. She has managed to blend modern elegance with Art-Deco glamour to create wonderful silhouettes that make you feel like you are part of the Gatsby days gone by.
Her website alone makes me so happy with vintage music while you look, check it out for her latest collections:
Heavy beading and ostrich feathers are some of the gorgeous details that add that glam touch to a lot of her pieces. There is also a wedding collection...drool
Take a look at these lovelies from the fall 2011 collection.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Awesome Vintage Inspired Dresses

So I just discovered a store called Unique-Vintage that is simply amazing.
They offer an arrange of dresses from flapper chic to 60's mod. I really love all of their 20's beaded flapper recreations...gorgeous. Dresses come in an array of prices, sure to fit any budget. Some dresses are recreation and vintage inspired and others are truly authentic vintage...which is nice because I know how difficult it can be to find a vintage dress that is cute and in the right size. A lot of the vintage stuff I come across is a 0 or 2 in size so that's where recreations come in handy. They have casual styles, cocktail,  prom, and wedding ( my favorite). You can check them out at their physical location:
2013 W Magnolia Blvd
Burbank, CA 91506

Here is a sampling of what they have to offer..

Rockabilly Girl by Bernie Dexter, Miss Bamboo

Bernie Dexter Sailor Sweetheart Swing Dress

Sue Wong Embellished Ostrich Feather Dress

Monday, February 14, 2011

Carolina Herrera Bridal collection spring 2011

If you are searching for the perfect unique wedding gown look no further than designer Carolina Herrera. The spring 2011 collection is simply awe inspiring and far from traditional. She says this spring's collection was inspired by the artists, poets, dancers, and explorers of the world. 
Here are a few of my favorites.





Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vera Wang coming to David's Bridal

Yay, Vera Wang will be expanding her ever popular brand into the budget friendly realm of David's Bridal! I'm sure many bride's will be glad to hear this. If you have always dreamed of wearing a Vera dress but too afraid to step foot into one of her stores for fear of sticker shock, this may be for you!
  Her new line will run in sizes 0-14 and range from $600-$1400 dollars. 
The gowns will be available starting Valentine's day at all David's Bridal locations.
 Here's a sampling of a few of my favorites from the collection to hold you over until then. 

Ball gown with V-neck bodice and fully draped skirt made of hand-cut bias organza flanges and tulle swirls, $1,400 available in ivory and soft white. Shown with crystal sash, $148; and ivory headband with crystal embellishment, $98 
Satin-faced organza fit-and-flare gown with lace appliques, asymmetrically pleated skirt, $1,200. Shown with horsehair sash, $58; horsehair headband with crystal embellishments, $88. 
V-neck soft A-line gown with hand-appliqued lace on net, $800. Shown with horsehair sash, $58; horsehair headband with crystal embellishments, $88.
Strapless net gown with tucked-and-mitered bodice and delicately gathered skirt, $700. Shown with floral sash, $78.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wedding Theme: 1940's

I'm always fascinated by different time periods. Maybe you didn't notice but I have a vintage portion on my website.(currently waiting to get some inventory up) So I was thinking what to write about today and I thought "Hey why not a 40's themed wedding?". 
That's right, a 40's theme. What could be more fun? It was an action packed decade full of swing music, Hollywood, and boys in uniform.
"How could I pull this theme off?", you might ask. "Easy", I say just take some advice from the pointer's below.

Invitations:   Your invitations set the tone for your wedding. You must decide on whether you are going for a formal wedding, or something a little more fun. Some ideas to fit the 40's theme could be invites that include swing or big band images on them. Another cute idea is to fashion your invitations to look like an old Western Union telegram. You could also consider hiring a friend or local photographer to take some pictures of you and your fiancĂ©e dressed in period costume, modeling like a poster for a War-era Hollywood film and then photo-shopping the pictures into custom invitations. 
Dress: This is the fun part. If you are dressing the part, which you should if you are having a themed wedding, go for a slim satiny type of dress. Think long and slender. Gowns during this era were long and fit tight to the body, not poofy. You can find many authentic vintage gowns by searching eBay, or you can find a vintage pattern and make/hire a seamstress to make it for you. If you don't want a formal gown you could also wear a white suit, which was the trend during this time since many couples were married on very short notice.
You can add to your look with red lipstick, fishnets, a short net veil,and a perfect pin-up hair style.
For extra fun have your bride's maids wear vintage 40's dresses, also abundantly available on eBay.
Guys can wear a retro military uniform, easily found at army surplus stores, or go for a more traditional suit. 
Encourage guests to wear their finest swing dance attire.

Fashion-era fashion history - 1940s Unknown Military Wedding - Circa 1941-43
Decorations: Decorating is easy. Watch a bunch of old 40's movies to get a better idea for decor back then. Look for a venue that was built during that era to instantly get the 40's vibe. Army halls are a good choice.  Many clubs and ballrooms in the 40's tended to have a lamp on each table, which makes for an easy centerpiece. You can find old authentic vintage lamps at second hand shops or antique dealers. Another option is to do some research on flowers that were popular in the 40's and make big centerpieces with those. Chrysanthemums were a popular flower with war time brides.
Music: Swing!!! If your budget allows, hire a local swing band to perform at your wedding, maybe even a few swing dancers too. Guests are sure to get up and start dancing.
This video gives you an example of the clothing and styles from this era.
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